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You've discovered So Absolutely Fabulous, featuring unusual, distinctive products for your health, beauty and well-being. We have scoured the globe to find the unique for those of us who enjoy something truly innovative and different.

It has been said that a woman's beauty grows from the inside out and we have created our boutique to begin there too, with innovative health products such as Sprayology Spray Vitamins and Relief Sprays and Pure Inventions potent Green Teas.

We've just added our new So Absolutely Fabulous line of incredible embellished t-shirts, hoodies, tracks suits, bottoms and some gorgeous belts and buckles as well. And we've got the latest wraps, t-shirts, robes, buckles, belts, watches, bath products, mints, gifts and purses from Anne Segal, Shu Shu Belts, Sugarluxe, Ankh Clothing, Bath Nation, Alix & Maxx, Chinese Laundry, Sienna Rose, Fake Forest, Cattricks, Spongeables, Oral Fixation, Nathan Loves Mary, Wrap Up and much more!

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We add exciting new products frequently from women's fashion trends and unusual gifts to the latest celebrity must have belts and tops, designer key rings and compacts, fabulous purses and very unique gifts for you and your friends. A few of these treasures are pictured below and you'll find more where they came from through out this site.

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We are having on a fabulous sale on select short sleeve tees, hoodies, purses, accessories and tanks! Check it out to take advantage of fabulous savings!

Take a Look at Our Unique New Products!

Take a look at the fabulous new things we've just added to the site, especially our Cloris Leachman limited edition t-shirts!

Our most exciting new products are the Cloris limited edition tee shirts and tanks. These fabulous pieces commemorate Cloris Leachman's hilarious participation in this season's Dances With The Stars! Each tee and tank is hand-embellished with the glow of rhinestones and a design that says oh so Haute Hollywood!

Fabulous Gift Bags for Every Special Occasion!

You can find gifts for every occasion on every page, and we now have a special Gift area and a page of perfect "little gifts" as well. Take a look at our gift bags, wonderful collections of products brought together with the perfect gift for your wife, your husband, birthday gift, anniversary gift, wedding gift, graduation gift, Xmas gift and gifts for every occasion you can think of.

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So Absolutely Fabulous is now a part of the buySAFE network. That means that buySAFE and its Bonding Partners trust So Absolutely Fabulous and are willing to guarantee your purchase up to $25,000. buySAFE’s mission is to ensure every online purchase on our site goes smoothly, safely, reliably, and without any surprises.

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Visit us often to discover new wonderful finds you should never have to live without!

newimages4index/bags.jpg Gift Bags from So Absolutely Fabulous
We have made the whole gift finding, gift giving thing a lot easier with special gift bags of gifts for everyone on your list. Take a look at gift bags for Travel, Weight Loss, Beauty, Love, Keeping In Touch, Better Sleep, Luxurious Baths, Relieving Stress and Fashion Treasures.

clorislink.jpg Cloris Leachman Limited Edition Tees
Grab one of a few limited edition, fabulous tees and tanks commemorating Cloris Leachman's participation in Dancing With The Stars. Stunning, with glowing rhinestones and haute style!

rebelcouture/wisdom_link.jpg Rebel Wraps Set the Trends in Pashminas
Gorgeous hand painted Rebel Wraps bring a brand new, inspired approach to pashminas! Antique symbols and words of inspiration emblazon these solid color and gradation dye, cashmere and silk blend pashminas.

newimages4index/alixmaxxblcrosst_sub.jpg Alix & Maxx Embellished Tanks & Bags
You can’t help but make a big impact with these great tanks from Alix & Maxx. Beautifully embellished with sequins and crystals, they make fabulous gifts!

newimages4index/ankhpinkcrownback_sub.jpg Ankh Clothing
ANKH Clothing embodies all that is comfortable and chic. Casual thermals, velour track suits, and stylish tees are designer Jennifer Grossman's passion, and it shows!

newimages4index/asegalblisswrap_sub.jpg Anne Segal Wraps
THE WRAP is made by Anne Segal with love to enhance, inspire and lift your spirit. Feel Good. Look Good. In ultra-soft t-shirt like cottons that originated from the desire to feel comfortable, look stylish and to send positive messages.

baroness/showercaps2_sub.jpg Baroness Von Luxe Shower Caps
Bring Your Unique Style into the Shower! These fun shower caps come in their own travel and storage bag.

newimages4index/catnuncard_sub.jpg CatTricks Blank Note Cards Will Have You Howling!
Hilarious Cat Trick Blank All Occasion Cards will amuse everyone who is fortunate enough to deserve one from you! These cards feature beautiful photography of cats expressing us through them.

newimages4index/cnleopardmask_sub.jpg Chris Notti Silk Eye Masks
Add even more beauty to your beauty sleep with these gorgeous silk eye masks by designer Chris Notti.

newimages4index/srsamorewh_sub.jpg Embroidered T-Shirts from Sienna Rose
We found these fabulous Sienna Rose embroidered t-shirts and just couldn't resist them. We thought you might feel the same way!

newimages4index/galleryfforest1_sub.jpg Fake Forest Vintage Magazine Notes Are Unforgettable!
Wrap your personal notes in the warm visuals from earlier parts of our lives. Vintage Magazines Notes comes as a set of folded writing sheets and window envelopes, made with popular vintage periodicals.

newimages4index/hemixed_sub.jpg Herban Essentials Scentilicious Towelettes
Herban Essentials essential oil towelettes are made with the highest quality pure essential oil, which not only makes them smell amazing, but makes them naturally antibacterial and antiseptic as well. There are millions of ways to use these wonderful wipes.

newimages4index/independenttshirt_sub.jpg Nathan Loves Mary Say It All T-Shirts
Fabulous, sleeveless t-shirts with some great lines. Pick one or many to liven up the conversation! They're swanky, fun and fashionable! Change your shirt to suit your mood with a perfect phrase for every situation.

newimages4index/empressp_sub.jpg Neshama Bags Blend Fine Art and Function
The Neshama handbag line is unlike anything you have seen before and adds elegance to any outfit. Neshama bags are made of gorgeous vibrant silks, the most sensuous of fabrics.

newimages4index/oralfix6_sub.jpg Oral Fixation Mints
Mint Lovers - Prepare to enter tastebud heaven! Oral Fixation are the highest quality mints made in America. Period.

newimages4index/paint_bars_gift_sub.jpg Painter Girl Chocolates Are Works of Art
This is a gift the receiver will never forget...opening a beautiful artful box, drawing in the delectable aroma, beholding the one-of-a-kind unique design and then finally...savoring the truly delicious taste discovered in sophisticated chocolate. Art-inspired chocolate.

newimages4index/pureinvenbottle_sub.jpg Pure Inventions Potent Extracts Create Total Body Balance
Pure Inventions herbal extracts are prepared in their highest potency. Because they are liquid extracts, they are capable of going directly into the body. Pure Inventions products are delicious, all natural, fully standardized, non-caloric, and caffeine and alcohol free.

igotbagbrownrabbit_sub.jpg Rhinestone & Fur Look Purses
These new purses are show stoppers! The rabbit-like fur purse is soft to the touch and the rhinestone buckles will light up the night!

newimages4index/camille_blback_sub.jpg Sexy Josette T-Shirts
The Sexiest T-Shirts Around! Made in Los Angeles by Josette, these are some of the sexiest, flirtiest tops ever made!

newimages4index/shubuzzerbuckle_sub.jpg ShuShu Belt Buckles
Each of the incredible, funky buckles in the ShuShu belt line comes with a beautiful tooled leather belt. Any one makes a stand-out addition to your belt collection!

newimages4index/spongeables_sub.jpg Spongeables Sensational Bath Sponges
Spongeables are one of the greatest bath inventions of all time! Your bath and shower experience can be more relaxing than ever!

newimages4index/sprayb12folic_sub.jpg Sprayology Spray Vitamins
Sprayology Spray Vitamins provide homeopathic formulas to Rebuild, Restore, Relief Symptoms and Rejuvenate. Virtually any symptom relief that is needed can ba found throu Sprayology and their unique spray vitamins and relief sprays.

newimages4index/slpopbuckle_sub.jpg Sugarluxe Belt Buckles - Limited Edition
These incredible, trend-setting accessories can actually live up to your discriminating tastes and then some! Our limited edition, quality cast, lead-free, pewter belt buckles are crystallized with loads of genuine, sparkling Swarovski Crystals.

newimages4index/wabagsredlovebag_sub.jpg Wabags Metallic Leather Bags & Belts
These one-of-a-kind bags are handmade, handcrafted and hand painted with genuine metallic finish leather and flap over closures making a fashion statement that won't be matched!

newimages4index/caftan_sub.jpg Wrap Up Robes
The coolest, soft microfiber robes ever! We found these fabulous robes from Wrap Up and couldn't resist! Bet you'll want to wrap up in one too.

luggagetags/rose_luggage_tag__link.jpg Luggage Tags from Oprah Magazine
These luggage tags were unique enough to make it to Oprah's wish list - shouldn't they be on yours too?


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